Our commitment is to the owners and their income properties and that is our first priority. Our tried and true methods of maintaining and professionally marketing properties keep its value on an upward spiral.

  • We perform a current market analysis on each property to determine the optimal monthly rental amount for your property.

  • We prepare and make certain all units are cleaned and any repairs made before marketing rentals at the highest market value.

  • Properties are professionally photographed and entered into the Multiple Listing Service and the First Team in-house intranet and all print and internet advertising syndication for maximum exposure.

  • Prospective tenants are qualified through a certified credit checking service and the credit report that is run includes criminal history and eviction history. We follow-up on landlord references, employment verification. We will discuss the results of the screening process with you and make our recommendation, but the final decision is the Landlord’s.

  • We assure collection of all rents and collection of all monies prior to tenant move-in.

  • We are able to pay monthly expenses including mortgage payments, association fees, utilities, property taxes, insurance, repairs, garden and pool service and anything pertaining to the ongoing management of the property (with the owner’s approval).

  • Tenants are checked in and out to insure that the condition of the property and the terms of the agreement are clarified and clearly defined.

Additional Services

We initiate repairs, and are available to tenants, on call, by phone. We have an extensive network of qualified vendors for good property maintenance (with owner’s approval on any major projects). We do not add any overhead or service fees to the cost of any work performed.

  • We will meet with contractors and supervise minor repairs/construction for an hourly rate. This is in regards to any remodel work or major repair work.

  • We sign and deliver three-day notices, or if necessary, contact outside eviction services.

  • All financial activity is computerized and statements are reported monthly to owners. Owner proceeds are distributed each month along with the reports (or deposited at bank of owner’s choice, if applicable). Cumulative year-end reports are generated and furnished at the end of each year.

Fees & Pricing

  • Management Fees:
    Upon Request – Customized Plans Available
  • Leasing Fees:
    Upon Request – Customized Plans Available